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British Timbers

Examples Of British Timbers We Deal In



Ash is a coarse textured, tough yet flexible timber with a typically straight grain. It is frequently used for interior joinery, furniture and flooring.
Steamed Beech

Steamed Beech

Beech is typically straight-grained with a fine and even texture. Its strength properties are similar to oak.

Sweet Chestnut

Chestnut has a similar look to oak, although weaker in strength. It is a durable timber, easy to work and finishes well.


Lime has a fine, uniform texture, is similar in strength to oak and resists splitting. Lime is easy to work with and is used frequently for turning and carving.
English Oak


Oak is our most popular and most frequently dealt in timber. It is suitable for a wide range of applications from structural use, cladding, flooring, decking and furniture.


Sycamore is a very pale timber with a fine texture and commonly used for internal joinery. It is high in strength, with similar properties to oak.


Walnut is suitable for carving and turning and polishes extremely well. It is moderately durable with a coarse texture.


Yew is a tough, durable and hard timber. IT is good for turning and can be highly polished.

As a traditional sawmill, M.J. Elliott's cuts a lot of home-grown timber. Oak, Ash, Yew, Sycamore, Beech, Walnut and Sweet Chestnut are all examples of British Timbers we deal in. (See a list of all the timbers we deal in here).

The demand for British Timbers is increasing sharply.

Between 1905 and 2013, UK woodland area increased from around 4,400 to 12,000 square miles, an increase of 274% and one third of forests in the UK are owned or managed by the Forestry Commission.

Even though the rise of fast and cheaper global transport has caused an explosion in the use of imported timbers, there are still numerous strong benefits to use and reasons to but British-grown timbers.

Why Buy British?

  • Stimulates the UK Timber Market and helps our economy
  • Helps to create, manage and sustain UK forests
  • Creates and keeps forestry jobs in the UK
  • Does not need transporting internationally and therefore kinder to the planet
  • Gives authenticity to restoration projects and traditional products

Forests all over the UK grow sustainable timber, with many schemes replanting many more than are cut down. This not only ensures future supply, but also supports wildlife habitats.

Some of the longest standing buildings in the UK are made using English oak. Oak trusses have outlasted generations and are still standing firm today.

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