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As a sawmill, our bread and butter work is cutting oak down to specific sizes for our customers. We buy oak in bulk and pass the savings onto you.

Cut to size oak is sawn to your sizes leaving a rough finish, making it perfect for projects where you will finish the oak yourself or where surface texture isn't as important.

Our cut to size oak is kiln dried and is therefore available in set thicknesses (26mm, 32mm, 38mm, 50mm, 65mm, 80mm and 100mm). 100mm is the maximum thickness available in kiln dried oak (as oak will not dry all the way through in thicker sections).

Grades of Cut to Size Oak

Kiln Dried Prime Quality

Our prime quality oak is the smoothest, most knot-free oak we can get our hands on. Prime quality oak is perfect for the likes of furniture and staircases where the absolute best quality of oak is required.

Prime Quality Oak

Kiln Dried Character Quality

Character quality will contain a greater number of small knots, but still no large dead knots. It is just as strong as prime quality but has a more distinctive look.

Light Character Quality Oak

Whether you need just a few pieces or have a large project, we cater to all different types of timber user and can talk to you about the types of oak that would be best for your particular project. Other popular species include cherry, sapele, idigbo, lime, meranti, douglas fir. Get in touch to talk about these other species.

If you need a planed, smooth finish, take a look at our planed all round products.

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