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Kiln dried oak boards
Kiln Dried Oak Boards

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We stock many packs of kiln dried oak of various thicknesses. Arrange an appointment to come and look through our boards and select exactly what you need for your project.

Fresh sawn or wet oak has a density of 1,236kg / m3, whereas kiln dried oak takes the moisture content down to around 10-12% to a density of 720kg / m3. This shows just how much water comes out during the kilning process.

Kiln dried to 10-12% makes it perfect for internal use. It will stay at this percentage in a central heated building.

When timber ever moves and warps it's usually because it's given up some of its moisture. Removing this water in the kilns means the oak has done the vast majority of any movement before you work with it, so if you plane kiln dried oak perfectly straight, it will stay that way so long as it's not exposed to very humid or outside conditions.

The thickest boards we stock in kiln dried oak are 100mm. Any thicker and the oak won't dry all the way through, no matter how long you kiln it for.

Kiln dying also has the benefit of sterilising the oak, eliminating any potential threat of worm.

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