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Machined cladding on a building
Machined Cladding
Standard Machined Cladding Profiles
Cladding Profile 1
Cladding Profile 2
Cladding Profile 3
Cladding Profile 4
Cladding Profile 5
Cladding Profile 6
Cladding Profile 7
Cladding Profile 8

As well as fresh sawn feather edge cladding, we can offer numerous profiles of machined cladding in many different species (see our list of species here – please note some on this list are not suitable for cladding).

Common machined profiles are tongue and groove cladding (MJE1 – MJE5 profiles), Shiplap cladding (MJE6 and MJE7 profiles) and the Rainshield cladding (MJE8).

Click on the profile pictures for more information about their measurements. Some are more suitable for vertical cladding while others better suited to horizontal installation.

We machine our cladding to order so get in touch for a competitive price.

Here is a diagram of how each profile can be fixed

If you're butting the cladding up tightly as shown, you'll need to make sure the wood is completely sealed to stop shrinking and expansion due to water, else you can just fix the boards loosely.

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