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Fresh sawn oak feather edge cladding is an extremely popular and durable way of covering buildings.

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The feather edge, or triangular wedge shape overlaps to stop water getting in and gives a traditional look to any building.

Feather edge cladding can be treated with UV protective oil to stave off the natural colour change but it can be left untreated and will eventually turn the classic silver grey, depending on amount of direct sunlight received.

The most popular feather edge board widths are 150 and 200mm, so with a recommended 25mm overlap, you get 125mm and 175mm face cover respectively. The standard boards are 25mm thick one end and 9 the other.

How is feather edge cladding produced?

Feather edge cladding
How Oak Feather Edge Cladding
is Sawn from a 38mm Board

Our standard feather edge comes out of 38mm thick oak sawn diagonally to produce two wedges as shown below (click to enlarge). Allowing for a 4mm saw cut, the 38mm is cut so that one end is 25mm and the other is 9mm. It is normal for there to be a variance of the thicknesses of these ends.

Cladding Terms and Explanations

When dealing with cladding, there are three main terms used to describe amounts. These are total area, face cover and running or linear metres.

Working out your total cover, or square meter coverage

If you have a wall to clad, take the height in meters and multiply it by the width in metres.

For example:

Height of wall = 3m

Width of wall = 4m

Total cover = 3 x 4 = 12m2 (square metres)

If you have any windows or doors on the face you want to clad, work out the area of these in the same way (window height x window width) and subtract it from your total cover.

Remember to order more than you actually need as you’ll have some waste from cutting the boards to the exact size.

What is meant by face cover?

If you have 200mm wide boards and overlap them by 25mm, 175mm of each board is left showing. There is 175mm of each board’s face showing. This is what we mean by the face cover.

Working out the running metres you need

You can work out the running meterage you need by taking the square meter area you need to cover and dividing it by the face cover in metres.

For example:

20 m2 (total cover) / 0.175 (175mm face cover in metres) = 114.3 running metres

If you work this out, you take the overlap into account and order the correct amount. Don't forget to order slightly more for wastage.

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