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M. J. Elliott specialises in oak beams, with numerous sizes in stock, and the ability to produce to your requirements. Whether you need a couple of beams or a lorry load of them, we are able to supply at extremely competitive prices.

This page deals with European Oak beams. For British Oak, please see our British Timbers page.

We offer a number of different grades of beam which are suitable for different purposes and have different appearances.

Grades of Oak Beam

Fresh Sawn Constructional Beams (or green oak)

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These are by far the most popular type of beam, freshly cut and graded depending on their knot content and appearance.

QPA Fresh Sawn Beams

– This is the highest quality beam we offer. It's used extensively in construction and has a clean look with fewer knots.

QP1 Fresh Sawn Beams

– This is the second highest quality of beam we provide. While it has more knots, it is still sound for use in construction. The difference between QP1 and QPA is mostly in appearance rather than strength.

Fresh sawn beams, having been recently cut, have a bright, fresh look to them. Because of the relatively high moisture content in green oak, shrinkage of 2 or 3% will occur in the cross-section as it dries out, but not in the length. This is often used to the advantage of craftsmen to ensure joints naturally tighten up and increase structure strength.

Fresh sawn beams can have stains applied to them to bring out their colour and grain patterns, and if left naturally will slowly turn the traditional silver-grey colour over time. We have a large stock of green oak beams and can cut them down to size for.

Air Dried Oak Beams

Air Dried Oak Beams
Air Dried Oak Beams

Air dried beams start as graded fresh sawn beams, but are left to dry for a period of years, ensuring most of their movement has already occurred. Because they have been drying for 2 - 5 years, air dried beams already have a weathered appearance.

Air dried beams are available in pre-determined, popular sizes (150 x 150mm, 200 x 200mm etc.) and are not usually cut down to different sizes, else you're left with fresh sawn faces.

Sleeper Grade Oak Beams

Oak Sleepers
Oak Sleepers

Sleeper grade beams are most commonly used for fence posts and landscaping applications where structural strength isn't important.

Oak is a very durable timber, which when left in the ground untreated has an expected lifespan of 15 to 25 years and so is a very popular timber for fence posts.

Other Available Species

At M.J. Elliott's we deal in a wide range of species including Ash, Beech, Chestnut, Douglas Fir, Elm, Idigbo and Iroko. See the species we deal in on the All Species page.

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